Experimentum Scholae: The world once more ...But not (yet) finished.

Inspired by Hannah Arendt, this contribution offers an exercise of thought as an attempt to distil anew the original spirit of what education means. It tries to articulate the event or happening that the word names, the experiences in which this happening manifests
itself and the (material) forms that constitute it or make it find/take (its) place. Starting from the meaning of schole` as ‘free time’ or ‘undestined and unfinished time’ it further explores schole` as the time of attention which is the time of the regard for the world, of
being present to it (or being in its presence), attending it, a time of delivery to the experience of the world, of exposure and effacing social subjectivities and orientations, a time filled with encounters. Education, then, relates to forms of profanation, suspension
and attention and can be articulated as the art (the doing) and technology that makes schole` happen.

Masschelein, J. (2011). Experimentum Scholae: The world once more ...But not (yet) finished. Studies in Philosophy and Education, 30 (5), 529-535.