Experience and the limits of governmentality.

Following Foucault, ‘critique’ could be regarded as being the art not to be governed in this way or as a project of desubjectivation. In this paper it is shown how such a project could be described as an e-ducative practice. It explores this idea through an example which
Foucault himself gave of such a critical practice: the writing (and reading) of ‘experience books’. Thus it appears that such an e-ducative practice is a ‘dangerous’, public and uncomfortable practice that is not in need of pastoral care but requires generosity, presence
and attention. As such it demands a pedagogy of experience which is to be invented in order to ‘make’ oneself into a question, to transgress the limits of a governmental regime.

Masschelein, J. (2006). Experience and the limits of governmentality. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 38, 561-575.